Mercedes Benz Price vs Value

Lots of people are price shopping these days and understandably so. When comparing something off the shelf, whether it be a Whirlpool washing machine or a can of Campbell's soup, you know you will be getting the same product regardless of where you buy it. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to having your Mercedes worked on.

When comparing repair costs, one should consider these things:

Who will be doing the work?

All of our work is done by Master Technicians with years of experience working exclusively on Mercedes. This means they understand how things work and why, so when something out of the ordinary comes up not only do they see it, they take appropriate action. Junior Technicians have been trained to follow set procedures, but fail to grasp how it all goes together. They then call for work that contributes to nothing more than lightening your wallet. Lacking experience, the novice also misses things that needlessly develop into major problems.

How is the Technician paid?

Our Techs are paid a straight honest salary. This means they take the time to do the job right, as their best interest and yours are the same. Almost all shops pay their Techs by the job, a perverse system called Flat Rate. This means they increase their pay by cutting corners and lose money by taking time to do the work well. Under the Flat Rate system, the Technician's best interest and yours are exactly opposite.

How is the Service Advisor paid?

At The Foreign Service, no one gets paid any incentive for selling you more work. Our goal is to accurately assess the condition of your Mercedes and then let you make sound decisions. Dealerships and many independent shops pay Service Advisors commissions. We see this resulting in larcenous overselling of not truly needed repairs on an everyday basis. We save our customers literally thousands of dollars by not selling them unneeded repairs, more than offsetting any possible gains from getting cheaper jobs done somewhere else.

What is the warranty?

Ours is double the norm providing two years unlimited mileage on both parts and labor.

Do they provide complimentary loaner cars?

Borrow one of our twelve Mercedes loaners and you can keep rolling without needing to arrange for rides.

Obviously, there is a lot more to value than who is cheapest. Our goal is to provide the extraordinary service due a Mercedes. Service of this caliber is simply no longer available anywhere else. We offer this service as cost effectively as we can while assuring future delivery for those customers who want and appreciate what we so passionately provide.